Windows 10 Update Settings

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First locate these settings which can be found by opening the Start menu and then typing Settings, inside of settings find and click Update & Security.

Once you are on the screen above, follow the following steps.

Step 1

To prevent windows update from going through during working hours, we recommend setting “Active Hours” and specifying your operating hours.

Step 2

Inside of “Restart Options” switch on show more notifications so that windows prompts you when it is going to restart.

Step 3

Inside of Advanced options configure “When updates are installed”, by default this is set to Semi-Annual Channel (targeted). Change this setting to Semi-Annual Channel and by doing this you will not be included in the first release of the update and not risk experiencing any windows bugs.

Step 4

If you would prefer to delay updates until a non working day, inside of Advanced options you can configure the update to be deferred up to 7 days.


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