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NCR Customer Connect is an email marketing tool fully integrated with NCR Counterpoint.

Below are the 4 most important points about NCR Customer Connect.

  • Send Targeted Emails

    Relevancy is key in any email campaign. Only NCR Customer Connect has access to your NCR Counterpoint data to create lists based on customer purchase history, customer category, preferences, and other data in the customer record.

  • Set up Automated Recurring Campaigns

    Create email campaigns that will automatically launch using data from NCR Counterpoint. Popular campaigns include birthday emails and the pre-loaded “we miss you” and “welcome” campaigns. Create your own campaign using information that is important to you!

  • Closed Loop Reporting

    In addition to seeing who is opening or clicking your emails, NCR Customer Connect shows you the sales being driven by your campaigns. Robust campaign reporting allows you to see the true ROI of your emails.

  • One Set Of Customer Data – Save time and never miss a customer with one set of customer data

    Are you constantly dealing with different sets of customer email lists? Tired of exporting from NCR Counterpoint to import into your email tool? Save time and never miss a customer, each customer that is added to Counterpoint is automatically added to NCR Customer Connect.