NCR Aloha Hosted Products

Aloha Insight is a powerful reporting tool that can be used to cut down administrative time and setup useful alerts. Aloha Insight allows the user to:

  • Schedule reporting from multiple locations
  • Build custom reports
  • Create predefined thresholds for alerts (Voids, Sales, Labor). Alerts can be sent through email, text or pager.
  • Drilldown on any store to find details down to any check.

Aloha Loyalty

Aloha Loyalty delivers flexible and customizable reward and bonus programs that can help the business sell more, to more customers more often. Aloha Loyalty has the flexibility to target specific restaurant events such as when a customer signs up, when a customer completes their profile, when a customer tries all the items on a certain menu (Tour Plan) and more. Aloha Loyalty has store exportable information for interfacing. There are 7 types of Loyalty Plans with Aloha Loyalty:

  1. Currency Based – Based on how much the guest spends
  2. Frequency Based – Based on how often the customer visits
  3. Items Based – Based on items purchased
  4. Be Our Guest – Reward the guest with a preset dollar amount (eg. Dine with us in October and receive 10% off)
  5. Points Based – Assign points per dollar or items to accrue rewards
  6. Employee Meals – Manage employee discounts for a set time frame
  7. Lottery Based – Give a customer a % chance to receive a reward

Configuration Center

Configuration Center (CFC) is a hosted solution for the company’s store database. It provides secure data storage on the cloud and allow the user to access any and all of their stores from anywhere with internet connectivity. CFC gives the user the power to streamline any changes for all stores in one simple process, cutting down administrative time and avoids having to enter duplicate data, ensuring data integrity. CFC also has the capability to go into offline mode, should the internet connection go down. Through CFC, the user also has access to configure other products that may have been installed at the sites such as Aloha Kitchen, Aloha Takeout and OrderPoint, all in one place.

CFC is flexible in the way it can make changes to stores, either in hierarchical groups or down to each individual store depending on what may vary per store. It also offers the option to consolidate any differences in configuration from one store to another.



Online Ordering

NCR Aloha Online Ordering (AOO) is a way to enable customers to easily and conveniently place orders online, thereby increasing customer traffic and restaurant sales.

  • Allows orders to be placed remotely anytime and anywhere using a conventional PC or mobile device
  • Provides customers with instant access to menus and pricing
  • Orders are transmitted electronically to stores which help drive revenues

Note: AOO requires either ATO, ATO Order Manager or Site Agent installed on the POS server.

Aloha Restaurant Guard

Restaurant Guard’s purpose is to flag suspicious activity and deter theft through a service that runs in the background of the POS system. It is important to note that Restaurant Guard is targeted to stop scams known in the industry and not drawbacks within the Aloha POS system. Restaurant Guard can generate reports for employee performance with data such as check average time, tip average, clear average, etc, as well as a column for employee Fraud Index Average where the system shows the employee’s rank by most unusual activities.

Customer Voice

Customer Voice allows the restaurant to get feedback from their customers by directing them to a feedback website (usually with incentive eg. Free milkshake) where they can give a rating of 1-10 of their experience and write a review. They are guided through receiving a link in their receipts or through email marketing. Customers who rate their experience 9-10 (referred to as an unpaid salesforce) will be prompted with links to share their feedback on social media. Customers who rate their experience 1-8 will not be prompted to share their feedback but their feedback can be used by the restaurant to see where they need to improve and offers the restaurant the ability to even target these customers directly and turn their bad experience into a good one.

NCR Pulse

NCR Pulse is a mobile platform app used to keep track of real time activity at each store. By turning real-time data collected from the POS system into actionable information, operators can immediately make decisions that directly impact the bottom line. Pulse has the ability to share information about your operation to your team through a news feed or direct messaging. NCR Pulse also interfaces with some of the other Hosted Products to allow them to be used on a smart phone.

  • Restaurant Guard – Real-time alerts
  • Customer Voice – view feedback of customers
  • NBO – Physical counts