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Change Calendar Year in Counterpoint

When you login to Counterpoint and get the message ‘System outside Current Calendar’ it most likely means that you are outside your current financial year. Counterpoint does not automatically change the financial year for you and it must be done manually. The steps to do this are as follows:

1.      Go to Setup/System/Company and click the lookup glass at the ‘Current calendar’ field and look for a calendar that corresponds to the period that you are in. Also note that if you do not want to enable complex passwords, do not click on the red text as see in the screen below. PCI DSS compliance is needed if passing credit card info through CP, which is not done with most Caribbean CP users.

Figure 1

Figure 2

2.      If a calendar is there select it and click ‘OK’. If it is not skip to step 5. (Note: Calendar names here may not correspond to your calendar names, the most important thing to pay attention to is the begin and end dates.)

3.      The example below shows a calendar year that runs from the 1st January to 31st December, and shows how the setup will be with the begin and end dates. Please look at the previous calendar dates to check your begin date and end dates and setup the new calendar accordingly.

4.      Once it is ensured that the appropriate calendar has been selected, click the ‘Save’  button. (Note: Users who are in CounterPoint at the time that the calendar has been changed, will need to exit CounterPoint and log back in.)

5.      If the calendar was not there when you did the lookup in step 1, close the lookup screen and company screen and go to Setup/System/Calendars.

6.      Type the name of the new calendar under the ‘Calendar’ field, enter a begin date and an end date for the year and select the last year calendar and the next year calendar (Note: The next year calendar does not have to exist in the system for you to enter it). Once this is done, the screen will look as follows:

Figure 3

7.      Once the above data has been specified click the button ‘Set Default Dates’, enter the ending of the first week in the year and for the week format choose to use dates. Please note: whatever was the begin date for the calendar, the ‘Ending date for the first week’ will be the last day for that week. The screen will look as follows when completed:

Figure 4

8.      Once you click ‘OK’ the system will automatically fill out Season, Month and Week data. Once this is done click the ‘Save’  button to save the calendar. The screen will be as follows:

Figure 5

9.      Once you have done steps 4-8, go back to step 1 and complete the changing of the calendar.